What a copywriter does (and why your business needs one)

Copywriters work with words to produce written material called ‘copy.’

People often wonder if all copywriters work in advertising, some do, but not all copywriters are advertising copywriters.

Some copywriters choose to specialise and they produce content for specific sectors including the real estate, health, education, parenting and finance industries. 


Most copywriters produce copy for a range of clients, across a variety of industries.

A distinction is often drawn between content writers and copywriters ... but that's a whole separate blog post.

Put simply: content writing is writing that is not directly tied to a transaction, whereas the purpose of copywriting is to sell something.

Many copywriters are also content writers, and vice versa.

Although writing copy is a big part of what copywriters do, copywriters can also:

Research the unique benefits of your product or service to understand where your business sits in the context of your market

Interview key stakeholders, clients and customers

Source images to accompany blog posts, social media and marketing material

Devise marketing strategies including content marketing, eDMs and SEO

Edit and polish your copy

Proofread and format your copy

Plan an editorial calendar for maximum impact

Collaborate with graphic designers, web designers and other creatives


Copywriters write content to create connection, compel action and increase sales.

Because every project is unique, a copywriter must be skilled at getting to the heart of your message.

Copywriters dig deep into your business to find gold. This gold is the point of difference that sets you apart from your competitors.

Copywriters use the gold at the heart of your business message as the foundation for building the story of your brand.


Copywriters are strategic storytellers.

Copywriters ask lots of questions, listen carefully to your responses, and create a brief for your consideration.

The brief provides a summary of the scope, scale, content, budget, timing and delivery of the project. Once the brief has been approved, the writing can begin. 

A copywriter can make your business stand out (for all the right reasons).

Copywriters help businesses to find the right words to sell their product or services.

Here are just 4 of the amazing things a copywriter can do for your business.

A copywriter can ...

1. Write for different purposes

  • to educate

  • to inform

  • to sell

  • to promote

  • to delight

  • to entertain

2. Write in different forms

  • blog posts

  • website content

  • emails

  • tweets

  • social media captions

  • product descriptions

  • slogans and taglines

  • sales letters

  • brochures

  • white papers

3. Write in different tones

  • conversational

  • humorous

  • corporate

  • scientific

  • clinical

  • motivational

4. Write calls to action that get results

  • subscribe

  • purchase

  • enrol

  • visit

  • download

  • donate

  • contribute

  • join

Copywriters know how to ...

  • match the purpose of your message with the form that suits your audience

  • write in a tone that is appealing to your specific readership

  • create targeted, relevant copy that compels your readers to take action


A copywriter writes the words that will drive your audience to act.

Your business needs a copywriter because …

You need sales

To realise sales, you must meet your audience where they play, capture their hearts and convert them into customers. You can’t achieve this by SHOUTING, spamming, begging or belittling your customers. Instead, you need to invite, delight, inform and support your tribe to believe in you.      A copywriter knows how to write copy that converts.

You have no time to write

Ok, so your mate is pretty good with words, perhaps he’s even had a bit of a crack at filling in the pages of your website …  but does he know SEO? How to batch blogs to build a following? When to use headlines, subheadings and bullet points? Didn’t think so.                                                A copywriter gets the writing done, leaving you the time you need to get on with running your business.

Your empty blog is just sad

To begin with your blog was a brilliant showcase of achievements and a reliable source of information for your clients. But then, things started to slide until … Tumbleweeds. Cobwebs. Dust. There’s nothing there. A blog with no love is worse than no blog at all.                              A copywriter knows how to create an editorial calendar and write blog posts that get your readers clicking, sharing and calling.

You are too close to your business write clear content

Passion matched with expertise is a powerful combination in business, but it can spell disaster for your website content. It's easy to get carried away on a cloud of your own knowledge and enthusiasm and accidentally create a website full of industry jargon no one but you can comprehend.                                                                        A copywriter knows how to create content that conveys your message in appealing terms everyone can understand. 

Do you need a copywriter to help your business find the right words to sell your product or services?

I look forward to hearing from you.


P.S. Copywriting has nothing to do with copyrighting. You’ll need a lawyer for that!