On writing

So far, this year has been all about writing for other people. And it’s been great.

I’ve loved writing copy for a steady stream of awesome clients, and I’m honoured to be in the middle of a Life Story Writing project that really does make my heart sing.

This month I made a commitment to try something new with my writing. I finally listened to the persistent little voice inside that’s been whispering to me, daring me, to have a go at writing something for myself. I listened, and I took action.

I completed a course called ‘Creative Writing: Stage 1’ at the Australian Writers’ Centre and it was thrilling. To keep the momentum going, I’ve joined a Writing Group.

Every Monday I meet with 6 other writers and we workshop our writing. Our wonderful facilitator is a published novelist and her insightful feedback is terrifying, and inspiring. The first week I had to sit on my hands to stop them shaking; reading my own work out loud, to an audience, is not something I have done for decades.

Copywriting has taught me the discipline of writing to deadlines. Memoir Writing has taught me that small moments fully lived are what matter most in life. These two very different forms of writing have helped me to understand that a big part of writing creatively is having the courage to show up, to sit down and to get on with it.

I’ve experienced success: a piece I wrote has been accepted for publication in a small online literary journal. And I’ve experienced crashing failure: I wrote a short story that fell so flat no one in my Writing Group could get the punchline…

Writing, in all its forms, has so much to give, and to teach. My month of creative writing is almost over and I’m only just beginning.

Do you write? Would you like to write? What sort of writing would you like to do?